Friday, May 4, 2007


Ahhh...the sounds of silence...all is quiet at work right now, and I'm in a very good mood today thanks to the kindness of my boss letting me bring Jacopo into the office for the day! It was actually his suggestion. It all started with the pup finally showing signs of anger and depression at being home alone during the day for over a week (even though I've been going home for lunch every day), and I was telling my boss about my woes of cleaning up after him, and he suggested I just bring him in. Apparently he's a huge dog lover, which he definitely demonstrated today. :) Too cute! So that relief, added to the fact that I finally got time to really clean the apartment last night (I find it theraputic), and its Friday, AND tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day so everyone is having huge sales....I'm feeling pretty good right now.

This is what has goten me through the week to today. Everyone loves a Tootsie Roll! Lucky for me I'm the one that buys all the office supplies and I make sure we've always got some kind of sweet thing around - usually the big 5 pound mixed bag of Tootsie Roll products since they're fat free and won't melt. And I'm not the only one who eats them either! The two mice in the back help me go through a bag pretty quick-like. ;)

Just had to share these photos I just took of the pup chillin on our couch here at work. Its right by my desk in the entry, so I can keep an eye on him:

He's such a goof...I love how he's practically rolling his eyes like "Geez, mama, not another photo??"

Well that'll do it, just a quick post to share. Can't wait for the weekend...just a few more days until Chris finally comes home!!


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Anonymous said...

That is nice, we're allowed to bring pets to work too!

Hope you had a good weekend.

Team Leader