Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ding, dong...

...the Chris is back. Which old Chris? The wicked Chris! Ding, dong, the wicked Chris is baaaaaack!

Finally. Chris got back Tuesday night from the devil's oven, aka Indio. It was so hot out there, a stack of pallets of water lit themselves on fire. Seriously! They were even in the shade, but somehow the heat of the sun was magnified through the water and the packaging caught on fire. And when they went to go put that out (luckily somebody noticed), another one would start. Only out in the desert would you ever see people running around yelling "Save the water! Save the water!" Cracks me up just thinking about it.

Unfortunately no cool backstage pictures, although I do have a great story about a confrontation with Lindsay Lohan and her bodyguard that Chris had during Coachella. Apparently, she doesn't understand that no means no. And I'm so proud of my boy for standing up to a spoiled Hollywood brat like that. :) Its just sad that security was cowed enough that Chris had to step in and do their job for them.

But in other news, Jacopo is overjoyed at having his daddy back - and someone to play with while I'm at work. I was so jealous when I left them sleeping together this morning!

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but my parents have decided to keep the kitten, and it has officially been given the name "Puss". I wish you could hear me say it, as its the Norwegian word for cat and has an accent to it. But oh well. I think you get the idea...and yes, that was my dad's decision. Thus far, still no word on the actual gender of the thing. But I'll leave you with these hysterical pictures my mom sent me this week:

Apparently, Ella is finally getting used to the kitten and not trying to kill it at every turn. And the kitten is actually taking after her, because he/she attacks feet too. :)

Its almost Friday!!


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