Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things I've Learned Lately

1) That "the patch" version of birth control has been shown to lead to an increase in blood clotting, among other serious side effects. (Source: my awesome doctor)

2) That my favorite alcohol, vodka, can be used for more than just imbibing. Apparently it can be used to get out that stale smell from new clothes (or that smell when they come from the vintage store) if you spritz on a bit and then let the clothes hang out in a well-ventilated area. Who knew? (Source: And for someone like me who bargain shops quite a bit, its a super helpful tip.

3) That it's okay, really okay, to donate/throw out the jeans that just don't fit right anymore (or perhaps never did). I think I've finally come to grips with this, especially now that that particular drawer in my dresser is beginning to be quite stuffed! Its not like I spend a fortune on them in the first place, anyways. To self: breathe, Trude, in and out...

4) My local Planet Beauty kicks ass. I found all kinds of cool stuff when I went in there for some nail polish. Plus, their employees are actually helpful and friendly. Amazing!

5) I. Hate. Comb. Binding. For anyone who's ever had to copy and bind a 200+ page report and didn't want to tear their hair out, huge props to you.

On Thursday night, I got to go shopping at H&M - finally, FINALLY the good lord above answered my prayers and brought a location to southern California. I've been shopping there for years, but only got to when I was either on the east coast or in Europe. Got a cute casual top, plus a cute silk dress.

I had a pretty fab weekend, especially since I got to spend Friday with two of my favorite people, Nikki and Nancy, at one of my favorite places - Glen Ivy spa! We had really warm, beautiful weather, and spent the whole day lounging in the various pools. They also got to witness what I would look like if I ever got a tan, thanks to the amazing mud treatment they have there. :) After we got all glowing and pretty we headed back to the OC for dinner (yet again) at Honda Ya. Yup, the perfect cap to a fabulous day!

The excitement at my parent's house this weekend was the latest addition to their menagerie (I've declared that's now the official name for it). Already they have 2 dogs (Hershey and Ted E. Bear), a cat (Elvira, or Ella) and a turtle (Victoria). And as of Friday morning, they've added a kitten. My mom was out walking Ted E. when she heard mewing coming from the bushes, and upon investigation discovered this little guy/gal (its really hard to determine the sex on a kitten so little!!):
Seriously, look at that face! How can you say no? Granted, my mom put up flyers and everything around the neighborhood to try and find any original owners, but nobody had called by Sunday night. But Nikki and I had already made a bet that they would keep it - my dad loves cats, plus Ted E. kept following it around like his life had no other purpose. But that's probably because he was raised with barn cats (he was originally my grandmother's dog out on her farm in Kansas), and Ella won't give him the time of day.

Please feel free to suggest names for the kitten! I still like Henley, but since they overruled me the last time I don't think it'll fly this time either. Now, beware the cuteness invasion:

Way too much cuteness. Even though the kitten makes me sneeze every time I pick it up (even though I've never had pet allergies before...I think its the long hair, or maybe kitten dander?), I can't help myself!!

Saturday morning found me up far too early for a weekend to take a test for my notary license, and then I headed over to my parent's house. From there I left Jacopo in dad's capable hands, and mom and I headed down to Del Mar for the dressage weekend (dressage = something like horse ballet, where the horses are trained to do special kinds of walks and runs) of their annual horse show. My mom used to ride competitively with Arabian horses and won a jillion awards, but pretty much quit once she got married and my parents lived in Norway. So this was way cool for us to go do, even if we froze our bejangles off. You'd think it would be warm there, since it was April and at the beach, but oh no. So we both wound up with commemorative sweatshirts. Oh well.

I think the coolest part of the day was seeing this rider, Hilda Gurney, who's something like a living legend in the dressage world. Even to a know-nothing like me, it was obvious compared to the other riders that she was in complete control, that she was working with the horse rather than at the horse. Here she is receiving her award:

Beautiful stuff to watch - really! Very cool to go and do, but mom and I were so tired on the way home late that night that we sang at the top of our lungs for half the drive. :) Good times.

Sunday was a day to play catch-up. Caught up on time with the puppy, laundry, time with the family, sleep, etc...

Hope everyone had a good weekend too!

Quote of the day: "Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson



Elise said...

kit-TEN! I got a new kitty about two weeks ago and love her to peices. Although naming her was difficult, I finally settled on Miso. Not sure about your new kitty though, one day someone will look at her/him and just know what to call her/him.

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos. I think we need a spa day every year in April. ;)

Thanks for finally introducing me to that Japanese place, can't wait to go again.

Team Leader