Tuesday, May 22, 2007


What a weekend! And that counts Monday, too! Lets see...last Friday was actually a fairly busy day at work, and I was supposed to go and see Shrek 3 with the girls, but when they were finally going to the movie around 10:30 I was just too sleepy! But its cool, Chris and I got a chance to hang out and relax without worrying about having to get up in the morning.

Next morning we took Jacopo to the Irvine dog park (appropriately named "Central Bark") for the first time, and once he finally relaxed a bit I think he had a great time! He kept playing chase with a couple of the Boston terriers that were there. And since it can be rather boring there for the owners - it's basically a big, fenced flat area - we took him to a local park in Tustin so Chris and I could get some exercise too. It was such a gorgeous day, of course I couldn't help but take some photos:

After that it was home to really clean the apartment, and use my parents' steam cleaner that I borrowed. That thing is a miracle worker! The carpet looks sooo much better...makes me happy. :) Then Chris whipped up some tacos, and after dinner we finally went to go see Hot Fuzz. Freaking hysterical. Unlike other movies I've seen, they really did satire perfectly - as in, in all seriousness, except that its so obviously satire you can't help but laugh. And some great action scenes as well!

Then Sunday I went with my parents to the Planes of Fame air show in Chino, which was absolutely amazing. We didn't get there first thing like we wanted to, but we saw plenty of amazing demonstrations. If you didn't already know, I come from a family of flight enthusiasts on my mom's side - my grandfather worked on planes for the Navy in WWII and then went on to work for Pratt & Whitney (famous jet engine company, you've most likely had their engines or some part in your plane the last time you flew) his entire career. Then both my aunt and uncle became engineers for Pratt, my uncle bought a plane several years ago and flies it regularly, my mom has always loved planes and now my cousin has had his pilot's license since before he had his driver's license. So yeah, been around aviation just a bit. :) Anyhoo, if you like aviation as well, check out the air show's website, they did a fab job on it! And if you can, I highly recommend going next year. It's totally worth it. My dad took some great photos:

(I have no idea why some of those are showing up so much smaller!) So yeah, the air show was totally worth going, despite the heat and sunburns and roughly 50 people stopping me to talk about Jacopo. I'm pretty patient about it, since it seems to be a trend no matter where we go, but after a point all you want to do is get the food you were going for in the first place! Poor puppy was so tired that by the time we left he couldn't hardly make the walk out to the car. Luckily he's only 12 pounds, or I might have had to drag him! Needless to say he slept hard that night.

Yesterday work was insane, but at least tonight Nikki is coming over so we can continue the trend and beat the Shrek the Third game that I bought (for PS2). Woot!


PS Check out my Flickr (you can get there from the slideshow on the right) - posted several more new photos besides the ones I included here!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE those photos of your dog - especially the bottom one from that great angle. Very cool!

Lynn G.
PS loved "Hot Fuzz" too - definitely something the Brits can do well and they say they learnt from that great kiwi Peter Jackson ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great photos!

I used to love going to that air show. My dad used to take us every year as my brothers were obsessed w/ it. ;)

I agree, your parents steamer is bad ass. Still remember using it when I first moved in to my condo almost 3 years ago!

Thanks for the humor too.

Team Leader