Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First Post!

Who knew it would be so difficult to write the first post on my blog, after finally deciding to put one together?? Turns out it is. Maybe it has something to do with the grey and dreary weather we've been having...or my own hangups. Either way, its been interesting thus far. I have to give Peter Chen huge props for his awesome blog, Blogger Tips and Tricks, and his personal help which were critical reference points for me in getting this blog to look the way I first envisioned it! At least I can say I've definitely learned a lot about editing HTML code in just a short time. :)

As for the Deckner-Ellingsen household, Chris is working all this week on setup for an ancient Japanese fire ceremony that's going on up in Yorba Linda this weekend. It actually looks pretty cool, I even heard a blurb about it on NPR - apparently its never been done outside of Japan. Who ever thought Yorba Linda would be the location of choice for that?? After that he heads out to the IE to work both the Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals. He'll be gone for two weeks...anybody feel like coming over to keep me from insanity entertain me? :) I'll definitely do a follow-up post if he gets more awesome backstage and up-close photos like he did last year.

Jacopo, our endless source of entertainment, is still working on potty training. But we're getting there, accident by accident. Poor thing, you can always tell when he feels sorry. And we're slowly working back up to long walks to the park, as its now been more than a week since he lost his manhood. He's also finally started that classic dog behavior in that he gets all excited whenever I so much as touch the bin where we keep his leash and collar and everything. He's just too cute!! Need evidence? Either click on the Flickr slideshow on the right, or go here.

Sunday night a bunch of us went out to celebrate Mindy and Nikki's birthdays (they're a year and a day apart). I love these people - I always know that I'll have a good time when I'm out with them. Thanks to Buss's boisterous behavior and hysterical sense of humor, we managed to laugh until we turned red and offend half of the surrounding tables, all at once! But it's cool, because the place we went to is this awesome Italian restaurant in Ontario called Vince's. It's deliciously chock full of garlic, inexpensive, and the decor makes you think you're back in Little Italy. I fully expected to see the stereotypical mafioso guy sitting in the darkest corner being fed by two beautiful women.

Here's Nikki with Sergio and Bussman:

Katie and Colby, with their everyday faces on:

Mindy and Whitney, gorgeous as always:

So that was fantastic. We finally managed to roll ourselves out of there and Nikki, Heather and I continued on to go see Disturbia. Now I love Shia LaBeouf as much as the next girl (and boy has he grown up!), but this movie had some seriously creepy moments. Not to mention the killer suspense (no pun intended). At least Nikki and I were able to squeeze the hell out of each other's hands in fear. But it was still a good movie! David Morse did a great job at scaring us to death.

So I think that should cover it for now - will definitely be adding more to this blog, and now that I've started a Flickr account (why oh why did I put up with Photobucket for so long?) I'll be adding to that as well!



Anonymous said...

Nice start for a first timer.

Anonymous said...

Agree, this looks great for a first timer. Can't wait for my first lesson of digi scrap as your work looks muy chingon! :)

Team Leader

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Love those photos of the birthday dinner, only you’re not in any of them. How did that happen?

jared matthew kessler said...

Nancy O... had told me to check out your blog. :)

Nancy Orozco that is. :)

Cool stuff! Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

I made the Flickr part work finaly - very cool.
And you first post was from you Mom. :o)

Photocat said...

Hello Trude, had a look at your designer digitals gallery and I really like your style!
Great first blog entry... Keep it up girl!
You have some nice missions around your area... I visited the San Juan Del Bac one in 2005... Loved California!
Hope to come back soon...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the picture of the kitten, she is so cute. my name would be creamsicle, she reminds me of the organge and cream stick ice cream we use to call creamsicles. your blog is fun and I enjoyed your dad's picture with the kitten.