Thursday, April 19, 2007


The only thing I can say about Virginia Tech is this: being a college grad and in the process of pursing my masters, I can't even imagine what it would be like to have a maniac burst into my lecture and open fire. I simply cannot imagine. Can any of you? It would be totally surreal. The whole incident is insanity - especially trying to blame the school for not locking down campus or something after the first shooting. Who would possibly guess in their wildest mind that it wasn't just an isolated incident? The real problem was that there were all kinds of people warning the administration that this student had "potential threat" written all over him, and yet there was nothing they could really do. That might be the real policy they need to review, rather than emergency procedures. (Ok, so maybe I had more than one thing to say. Surprise.)

*steps off soap box* In other news, it was rather amusing listening to Alberto Gonzalez being verbally pummeled by the Senate on NPR this morning. If he's not a liar, I'll eat my shoe. Seriously, it reminds me of a kid about 5 years old that has newly discovered lying and thinks that their parents will believe whatever they say.

I love this comic strip. I get their daily email, and it cracks me up. Such random Brit humor, gotta love it! With all the internet browsing and editing I've been doing lately, yesterday's comic in particular made me laugh:

Last night we had a bunch of people over that Chris used to work with at Disneyland back in the day. They were so much fun! Although it was 10 before anyone showed up, which we were expecting, but Chris and I are on such a mundane schedule this week that we were totally ready to crash by then! :) Especially since we had been cleaning and straightening since we got home at 6. Nothing like company to make you clean like you've been meaning to! But it felt good to get everything nice and clean like I like to have it. I wish I had more energy to always keep it that way!

So anyways, we had a great time. I learned a new card game called Phase 10, which is totally complicated but fun because of it - I didn't get bored like I usually do with cards. Once we got to be a big crowd, though, we gave up the cards and just generally hung out and (sort of) watched "Grandma's Boy". I think Jacopo was the real hit of the party - but who can resist his charm, really? No one has thus far!

Next Friday I'm taking the day off work and heading out to Glen Ivy with Nancy and Nikki for Nikki's birthday present. I'm so looking forward to that - will definitely follow up with photos!

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Anonymous said...

Agree & agree on your first two topics.

Phase 10 sounds like a fun drinking game??? Couldn’t go to the link b/c work denied me access – booh!

Thanks for adding the retail therapy section; I love Anthropologie’s sale section in the stores as well as Banana’s. ;)

Team Leader