Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Update

I'm happy to report that I wound up having a very satisfactory weekend. :) Hope everyone else can say the same (or better)! Friday night Chris wound up getting off of work earlier than I had thought he would, so we met up at home and, after feeding the pup, went out to rent a movie and pick up some takeout. Gotta love our local Hollywood Video - the kids that work there are barely able to vote, if that, so nobody says anything when we walk in carrying our dog. ;) Except to say "Oh, what kind of dog is that?" or "Can I pet him?" Its a funny thing about American culture that having a dog automatically makes someone more approachable, or acts as a conversation catalyst.

So we rented Children of Men, which I have been eagerly waiting to see, and I was not disappointed. I highly reccommend it. Gorgeously filmed, stayed true to the book (which I also reccommend, PD James is awesome) and of course Clive Owen was great. Brilliant, in sum. And we ate delicious Indian takeout along with it...double mmmm.

Saturday I accomplished at least one of my goals for the weekend, which was to introduce my mom to the Wide World of Digital Scrapbooking. Needless to say, it was overwhelming. I feel her on that one - even now, 9 months after my first foray into it, I still get overwhelmed by all the options I have and making choices for a layout can be tough! I'd like to do everything at once, please. I brought Jacopo along since Chris was at work, and to get him out of the apartment for more than an hour. He wore himself out. He slept so hard when we got home! But he made me very proud, he was so well behaved. I just wish the natural lighting in the kitchen was better so that I could have captured the glares of pure hatred that the cat was giving him the entire time, from her perch on the tallest part of the counter. Soooo funny! You can just see her thought process of "Two freaking dogs was enough. This young idiot is the last straw!"

That night Chris and I were both so wiped out from the week that by the time we got home we didn't feel like doing much, just hung out and went to bed at a decent hour. Sunday morning we got up and headed over to Chris' parent's house, where he proceeded to do about 3 weeks worth of laundry. The best part of the day was taking Jacopo and walking down to Nick's Deli on Main Street in Seal Beach (only about 5 mins walk from his parents house) to get some of Nick's famous breakfast burritos. Its this great hole-in-the-wall just up from the beach that we used to eat at a lot more before we moved in together. From there I drove Chris to where he had to meet everyone for the vanpool out to Coachella, and Jacopo and I said goodbye to him for the next two weeks! Just thinking about it makes how much I depend on him all the more poignant. We'll be okay, but it will sure be interesting!!

So the pup and I drove home in the driving rain (it was a Gloomy Sunday, how ironical), and soon after Nikki and Heather came over so we could all go to Honda Ya, the bestest Japanese restaurant around. Literally. Just try Google-ing it! Further proof: ran into people I know there, which can be very rare in Orange County! Plus it's in adorable old town Tustin, and it rarely costs more than $15 per person. I always wind up eating my weight in sushi. Nikki and I were both seriously craving it, so we used my excuse of the boyfriend leaving town to go. :) Whatever works, right? Its also one of the few restaurants in the area open past 10.

The nice cap for the weekend actually arrived today, when this came for me:
Aren't they gorgeous?? Wednesday is Administrative Professional's Day, apparently. I feel so appreciated! :)

Ok, after proofreading I see just how much takeout I ate this weekend. I guess I was making up for eating every meal at home last week - even lunch!

Quote of the moment: "I think it would be a good idea." ~Mahatma Ghandi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization



Anonymous said...

Dear God that Japanese food was good. Although I know you miss him chris should go away more often so we can eat there more. Hahaha. (just kidding)

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I really want to try this Japanese place! Dang it all w/ my cravings. ;)