Tuesday, June 5, 2007

June Goals

So yesterday I got to thinking, making yet another mental list about what I need to do, and I realized that it would be good to blog about my current goals, because maybe then I'll hold myself more accountable. :)
    • Sign up at a yoga studio and start going! My asthma has been especially bad the past week for some reason, and I really think the yoga will help. Besides the whole "healthy body" thing. I found a local studio that does a free beginner's workshop once a month, so I'll be doing that on Saturday. So, pending whether or not I like the place, I'll be checking this goal off the list very soon.
    • Study for, and set a date for, the GRE exam. Need to get my butt in gear, since they start accepting applications for spring semester in August!
    • Scrapbook at least once a week. I've been very un-creative lately and very tired, and while I get all inspired browsing galleries in my spare time at work, once I get home and get settled in front of the computer (if I ever make it there) I can't seem to get the juices flowing. Maybe I need to rearrange my desk area a bit or something...a new desk chair might be in order.
    • Find a new bathing suits that really fits. (What? This isn't frivolos; I think any woman would agree that this a gender-common goal, and deserves to be on this list!) I've finally retired the one that I've had for the past 3 years, and I'm determined to find a decent one for a decent price that flatters as well as it can, all things considered. ;-)
    • Sign the puppy up for training class. Ok, so this is more of a shared goal for Chris and I, but we need to get going on the rest of his training! We managed to teach come, sit, and how to walk at heel by ourselves (for the most part, anyway, he's still working a bit), but now its time for a real trainer and class so he learned the other important things, like stay. We're probably going to go through Petsmart, since they're reasonably priced and a new one just opened up right down the street from us.

What are your goals right now? Any suggestions for mine? :)

In other news, Chris received confirmation yesterday that he has been chosen to go on the Warped Tour with Rat Sound, doing the sound for one of the stages!! I'm so proud of him - this is almost exactly what he's been working toward all this time, and now he'll finally have a tour under his belt. Not only will it mean more money, but it's the next step towards touring with one band exclusively. It's quite the tour, too - they start in LA and then up to Canada, then all across the country. I just feel bad that he has to be in the south in the heat of summer. ;-) I'll probably fly out and meet him in one of the cities, so I don't have to go 2 months straight without seeing my baby. I'm thinking Portland or Denver, since they're nice short hops too.

Also, have to say a big CONGRATS to my cousin Elisabeth, who got married the weekend before last! Not only is she newly married and settling into a new home, they've just found out she's pregnant, expecting in January. So cool! This will be our grandparent's (she's my dad's brother's daughter) 7th great-grandchild. I'm especially excited since my dad is already thinking about going to visit home again next summer (we all went last summer), so we'd be able to see the baby then. She sent me some photos from the wedding:

My uncle cleans up nice! I can't remember if I've ever seen him in a suit! :)

Doesn't she just look stunning?? The dress is beautifully detailed (click on the photo to see it full size). But, gee, do you think the baby will be blonde? :D And of course they got married in a beautiful old Norwegian church. ::sigh:: I wish they'd paint the churches here like that!

Plus my other Norwegian cousin, Anita, went into labor a month and a half early last weekend. Waiting to hear how that all turned out! Last we heard she was doing okay. Lots of family news and excitment from back home! But when your dad comes from a family of 6 where all the siblings had kids of their own (and who are now having kids), there's usually something going on. :)

In scrapbooking news, some of my favorite designers started up a new digiscrap website called Little Dreamer Designs that is just too cute. Even their banner is pretty! They had a big grand opening sale this past weekend, and I couldn't help but snap up a few things. Especially since one of the designers also sells through Designer Digitals, and that way I got something I've had my eye on there for 35% off! :) Check them out - they have some really beautiful stuff. Plus you get a free kit just for signing up for the email!

I think that about does it for me here...


Food for thought: "Strong feelings do not necessarily make a strong character. The strength of a man is to be measured by the power of the feelings he subdues, not by the power of those which subdue him." ~ William Carleton

**Edit: I also remembered while double-checking my post that another goal is to
revamp my blog's banner, since I've changed the layout and now it's entirely too
small! :)


Nariane said...

Hey you...
I finally managed to check into Blogger again...

It's me... Buckey... Suzanne... niennaainur...

lovely wedding photos

Elise said...

Strangely your goals sound like mine, I recently started taking yoga and need to take the GRE's this summer. I can get into the grad programme I want without them but I can't get the scholarships. Bizarre loopholes the school makes me go through.

Anonymous said...

Your first 2 goals are also on my list.

Went to a yoga studio in Pasadena on a weekend, but I get off too late to make it for the 7:00 PM class during the week when I'd like to go.

I've started studying for the GRE, only the math portion. ;) You just have to purchase a study book & force yourself!

Your cousins wedding dress is beautiful!

Team Leader

Anonymous said...

Okay I see what you are talking about regarding the dress.. holy moo cows that is gorgeous. I totally campaign a look like that for you whenever you get married.. many moons from now. :)

Umm in other news.. I like your goals and what not they think they are good.

Mine are
1. go to gym 3 times a weeks
2. stick with weight watchers
3. stop buying so many goddamn books off amazon
4. continue to learn things at my new job
5. hit on new file clerk