Friday, June 8, 2007

Friends, Dinner and Scrapping

The big good news of the week is that my surregate sisters Nikki and Katie finally came home from their 10-day trip with the fam. The brats got to go to NYC, Boston, Rockport, Mass. and Chicago. But I'm not jealous! :) At least they brought me back a fab-u-lous Coach bag from Canal Street (thank you, slightly-damaged-but-perfectly-good-for-us-normal-people retailers!). Can't wait for Nik to hurry up and graduate law school so we can go to NYC for a girls' trip!

So Wednesday night we all got together for a delicious dinner at one of our fave places, Felix's. Its kind of a local legend around here - fantastic Cuban and Spanish food for about $10 for dinner (and that includes dessert during the week!). I can't count how many times we've eaten there since we discovered it in college. And Nikki and Heather also came over to my place last night just to generally hang out, which was great. Whenever we all watch TV together (which is really rare these days), its always hilarious because we spend more time gossiping about what we're seeing than actually paying attention. And since we watched the new piratey Survivor show, "The Starter Wife" and "Girls Next Door", there was plenty to chat about. ;-)

In keeping with my goals for the month, I finished a scrap page this week, as inspired by the Jumpstart challenge over at Designer Digitals. (Just click the image to view larger.) I don't always have time to participate in the challenge in the week time frame, but this week's was a good one! And I've been really wanting to scrap this photo from when Chris and I took Jacopo to Heritage Park here in Tustin a few weekends ago. You can view credits for the page here.

Lots going on this weekend, more about that tomorrow! But it will be a good story, I guar-an-tee! :)


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Anonymous said...

HAHA Jacopo is totally dominating Chris here. He's soo fricking cute that dog! `Nik