Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Mojo is Back!

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays I just wasn't really feeling like scrapping anything, and then all of sudden, last week it came flooding back. I haven't been able to stop! It doesn't hurt that I participated in a few "challenges" to help get me inspired, but still.

First, here's Bittersweet Joy:Had to do something with that photo of Chris in a kilt, even if it was for a somber occasion! Credits can be found here.

Then, I finally found a kit I wanted to use for this photo of my parents that I've been meaning to scrap since I took it!I used Penny Springmann's Be Mine kit. I'm not usually that "girly" when it comes to scrapping, but this time it just seemed appropriate. :) Full credits can be found here.

Then there's this one of Chris and I, which is an "outtake" from our Christmas card photo shoot. Of course, I used Lightroom to edit it, and I really like how it turned out (in just one click! LOL).
Credits can be seen here.

Then yesterday I managed to churn out two in one day. First, I couldn't resist using this great photo of Chris' grandmother, Kae.
Isn't she sweet? Credits can be found here.

And I also couldn't resist using this photo of Ted E. that I took a few weekends ago. (I just love how Kelsey's preset turned out on the photo!)
I used a kit that I've had my eye on for months now, the Letterpress Collection by Keri Schueller. Such gorgeous colors! All the credits for this page are here.

Last but not least, I finally scrapped about Ken's Big Adventure. Finally, a chance to use bright colors! :)Full credits are here.


I also started yoga classes "for real" this week, and it's awesome! So incredibly relaxing, and already its helping me become more aware of how tense I am without even realizing it. Got to learn to chill out! I really loved the class I went to last night, Viniyoga, which is more breathing-focused. I'm sore in places that I haven't been for a long time, but its a good kind of sore! :) This weekend I'm back there for the beginner-specific classes that are much smaller and will make sure I'm doing the poses right. Long-term goals are better strength/limberness (if that's a word) and more control over my breathing - asthma or no asthma!

We Loves A Sale

If any of you ever shop at Ann Taylor Loft, now is the time! They're having a seriously awesome sale! Went in there last night looking for work pants. Didn't find any work pants (of course), but I did get a super cute LBD dress for $30 that was originally $130 (not even on their website anymore!), a cute raw silk cropped jacket for $30 - yes, seriously - and a few tops for $20 each! I guess it was my night for some retail therapy!

This Weekend

Looking forward to hanging out with Roseann tonight, and taking Jacopo to Irvine Regional Park on Sunday morning. Hopefully the winds don't blow out of control again!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Quote of the moment: "If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it." ~Jonathan Winters


Colleen said...

WOWSA!! That's some MAJOR scrapping you've been going! I love it all! You are very talented. :)

Katrina said...

Love seeing all of your pages :) And yes...that is WOW...and all I can say is your romance is going to take on a whole new meaning AKA life is over because the stinking game is ADDICTING!