Friday, September 14, 2007

Touching iPods & Too Much Scrapbooking

Yet another Friday post...

My New Obsession

So usually I'm not the biggest techno-hoarder (don't get me wrong, me loves the new toys and developments, but I don't need to be the first person to have them), but the new iPod touch has got me shakin' like a junkie who needs a fix! It is just the coolest gadget ever...or at least since the iPhone. :) Do I even need to go into why it's so cool? Just look at it!! I would never bother with the iPhone, especially since I'm locked into my plan and don't want AT&T, but THIS one I do want!! So pay attention friends and family, since my birthday and Christmas are both coming up! :) Now I just need a new car that I can run my iPod through directly....

More and More Pages

Been on a scrappin' kick lately, and participating in online challenges and stuff to get my creativity going has really helped! Plus the photos I've been taking lately were just screaming to be scrapped. :)

So first we have "Still the One", which I framed for my mom's birthday two weeks ago:
Then this one was just for fun, because the photos my dad took were so amazingly expressive I had to use them!

I made this one for the Hodge Podge challenge, which was to "Get Naked". So fun! :D

I also participated in the last two weeks of challenges over at The Digi Dares, which are always so much fun but sometimes I just don't have time. Here's "Somewhere In Their Smiles":

The title is a play off of a Beatles lyric - big hug if you can guess what it is! :) I also did this one too, which really took me out of my usual box/style:

And then today I was rather productive! For some reason, some days it just flows for you, others it doesn't. And today it did, because I'm seriously in love with this new layout:

Gotta love beach photos! And then I did this, because I finally caved and bought this kit I've had my eye on, specifically to use this photo (although it'll come in handy for other pages, I'm sure!):

Phew!! You can view credits for all of them either here or here.

In Other News

My brother's birthday (Eirik) was Wednesday, and tomorrow night everyone is getting together at my parents house - both to celebrate and just because! :) I can't believe he's 22 already...and that means I'll be 24 in less than a month! Holy sh*tballs! But I'm looking forward to seeing everyone - even my uncle and his girlfriend are coming up from SD, and hopefully my cousin Sarah too. Plus Ross and Lidvor are back from their little jaunt to Thor-knows-where, so it'll really be a big get-together. I'm planning on getting photos of everybody and everything with the D40, as part of a brilliant idea I've had for a gigantic time-consuming project Christmas gift for everyone (thanks in part to Simple Scrapbooks). But I can't say yet what it'll be...

Last weekend we took Jacopo to the dog beach in Huntington for the first time, and it was sooo awesome. We all had a blast (albeit at the expense of exhausting ourselves), and Chris and I were super proud parents because Jacopo behaved so well off-leash and was perfectly obedient. My favorite photo from the day is this one (no editing, I swear!):

Then Sunday we went to a BBQ at our friends Angie and Christian's place, which was a blast, especially since we brought the puppy with us and he got to go in a hot tub for the first time. Oh yeah, and the people were cool too. ;-)

Hope everyone else had a great week!


Quote of the moment: "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit still." ~Will Rogers


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Anonymous said...

Dude now you have spam people taking the time to get past your security wtf.

Soo sorry about saturday... i ended up drinking way too much too quick and then it was all downhill.

So what about getting together for sure this weekend or something.
Seriously i hate night classes.