Monday, July 30, 2007

More Art , Photos and Family Moments

I guess I was kind of prolific with my scrapping last week, or at least I was feeling really inspired, but I cranked out two pages that actually have really bright colors. :) I'm really pleased with how they turned out this time, although I still haven't heard any comment from Elissa about the page I did of her photos! Brat!

So here they are...

"Attack Kitty"
and "A Day's Work"
For details and credits on the former click here and the latter click here.

More Guests at the Hotel Ellingsen

My parents had ever more guests over to their house this past weekend, as our friends Terje and Liv left last week and freed up the guest room. Just kidding! Actually, it was the annual gathering at their house after everyone got together to see the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna. They'll usually go to see the show on a Thursday night, and come back to the house Friday night, if not for the weekend. Although I didn't go on Thursday, I met up with everyone after work on Friday. We had a really great time - our old friends Roger and Keiko were in town from Phoenix, and my uncle and his girlfriend fiancee Donna came over, plus my cousin Alex (Karl's son) and it's almost always a good time when we mix those people together! :) Eirik and his awesome girlfriend Roseann even stopped by for a while and brought her best friend too. They're so sweet!

So we all managed to cram in the house for the night, pets included. ;-) I didn't mind sleeping on my parent's floor...too much. At least I had a mattress!

Here's some photo highlights - of course we took tons of the pets! I'll get my hands on the ones we took of people soon.

Alex looking charming:

The kitten, in what is fast becoming one of his favorite retreats (and yes, he really is only just over 4 months old...he's going to be a monster!):

Ted E. getting some love from Keiko while we were watching a movie:
The poor pup was feeling so left out, since much of the attention was on these two wrestlers going at it half the time:
I don't know about you guys, but they both look pretty guilty to me! :)

On Saturday we took Roger and Keiko wine tasting at the Joseph Filippi winery out in Rancho Cucamonga, which was so fun. Their wine is delicious, and their champagne is my absolute favorite, so I was excited to actually get to see the winery. Then once we got back to the OC we went for some delicious sushi, taking Alex with us. What is it about sushi that makes you stuff yourself til you want to die, but leaves you hungry just a few hours later?? Whatever the cause is, it doesn't really matter because the food was sooo good.

As for Chris, he finally had a day off yesterday after doing 12 shows in 12 days, so we actually had a chance to really talk. That was nice. :) Today he's in Milwaukee, and tomorrow they'll be in Cincinatti, and it's another 5 days until he gets to rest again. The poor guy is going to need at least 6 months before he does another tour of any kind!!

That about does it for me here, off to get some real work done...


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I love the new scrap pages!

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